The Wellness Project

With a mentor or on your own?

Are you a self-starter or do you need accountability?

We all work differently and JT understands that.

That is why there are 2 ways to use the Wellness Project

so you can get the most out of your time

Are you ready to step up and take responsibility

for your own health?

Covering 8 modules that set you up to win, nourish

your body and soul and help you to remove the crap

both in the pantry and in your life, you can learn to

become your own mentor and get your GLOW on. 

Because anything solid begins with a good foundation,

we first focus on setting up to win. Let’s go deep into

your psyche with comprehensive goal-setting exercises.

Next, we work to nourish your body and mind,

establishing easy rituals, bespoke for you,

that nourish your soul and create a powerful mindset

By understanding food labels, we can clear out

your pantry and remove the crap that is holding

you back emotionally and physically.

Let’s stop the hangry and begin your journey with gut

healing, starting with a 30 day reset so that underlying

health conditions are BANISHED at the source. 

Reduce your toxic overload by loving your liver and

identifying and removing toxins in your skincare, your

makeup, your home and environment. Because a lot

of healing is done when we sleep, let’s use

simple and effective tools that help you to

manage stress and sleep better. 


Janet is truly a lifesaver! I went in looking for a natural way to heal my acne and came out with tremendous knowledge on my mental, physical and emotional well-being. She is so knowledgeable, supportive and realistic. I cannot thank her & recommend her services enough!

Amelia Maiit

My skin is still clear, my mood light, I lost weight and have great focus because I know what causes that sluggishness and brain fog. I still practice daily, a lot of what I learnt during the cleanse. The mission statement allowed me to keep on track because I had to set goals and revisit them every day. I thank you for your passion and dedication to the cause, the menus, the videos and motivating posts that all helped when it could've been harder xx

Vicky Alchin

After 6 months of tummy trouble and generally feeling sluggish I started working with JT. She was very easy to talk to, no judgmental and guiding in her approach to my nutrition. She was extremely thorough and even got my blood work checked for any deficiencies. My tummy issues were no longer and I had a new found energy. If you are thinking of investing in your health this is the best place to start and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. 

Emily Dalamaras

1:1 personalised nutrition and self love coaching

Do you often find yourself asking ‘how does

this relate to my personal situation? 

Do you make excuses for yourself?


Do you skip certain tasks that you feel don’t really apply or think ‘I’ll come around to that bit once I’ve done this or that’?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions,

then 1-on-1 mentoring is for you.


Designed to enable you to get the most out of your

Wellness Project, you benefit from a fortnightly

or monthly call plus daily accountability support

that allows you to check in with a professional mentor

and make adjustments to the program to suit

your personal needs.


I hear you. Doing it on your own is so hard. 

You want dedicated professional

support for your health goals. 


How does a FULL health history consult sound?

Add a personalised treatment plan and

testing to check your health status.


I expect to hear from you every day,

whether we have a planned hour together for

treatment plan consultations, a fortnightly or

monthly catch up call or through daily email

and SMS check-ins.


Let’s work together to reset, recharge

and rediscover yourself. The time is now!